MINIML's brand new brick-and-mortar store was recently launched on the first floor of Dubai Hills Mall, winning the hearts of many with its specially curated collection of athleisure, nightwear, loungewear, activewear and underwear.


The store is a perfect representation of fluidity and style, boasting neon lights and bright colours while being soothing to the eyes. With a pop of colour between premium brands, the store's interiors soothe yet attract. The store houses multiple premium brands made for movement with an easy-to-navigate layout. MINIML's commitment to continuity and optimum comfort is depicted by the range displayed at the store. Combining fashion and function, the range of apparel is perfect for a variety of tasks throughout the day.


Indicating to its customers that one doesn't need to compromise comfort to appear fashionable, the store and clothing both offer a refined, tailored, and luxe appearance. Exuding comfort, the store has an inviting and welcoming essence. MINIML considers the upcoming technology, trend and overall experience to help people understand its elements. Keeping comfort and innovation at the centre, the store's architecture allows customers to explore all the various brands.


Furthermore, the staff is available throughout for customers to find their preferred fit according to their requirements. Centred on enhancing the customer experience, the store and staff adopt a customer-oriented approach. So, if the customers aren't sure what precisely they are looking for, they can easily walk into the store and receive expert guidance to pick from a vast array of premium clothing from globally-renowned brands.


An extension of Jashanmal Group, MINIML's store is also dedicated to providing curated quality products and unique experiences that seamlessly integrate into one's daily life. As Jashnamal prides itself on its 'passion with purpose' wherein it places its customers at the heart of every decision made as a business, MINIML adopts the same approach.

August 23, 2022 — Miniml Brand Team